GNC has worked on many projects. Here are some case studies showing some of the challenges faced.


Schmolz & Bickenbach, Birmingham

Commercial Warehouse Floor Restoration

Restored and made good 3,000m² heavy industrial floor ready for building handover after 25 years of use. This floor was used for heavy steel fabrication work and had many cracks, holes and various colours for appropriate sections of work. The brief was to make good and repair where necessary and provide two coats of epoxy resin industrial floor paint in one colour to provide a uniform, tidy appearance with a surface suitable for fork lift trucks and heavy industrial use. In order to achieve this we had to shot blast the existing coatings and remove surface contaminates, treat some areas with oil degreaser that had penetrated the substrate, remove any lipping, repair and fill holes and cracks with Vuba Polycrete and Isopatch and Flexipatch for expansion joints. Clean and abrade where necessary and apply two coats of Vuba Ultracoat. All works completed within the given time frame of 10 days with a final cure of 3-5 days before normal traffic. This was completed in February and was dependant on climatic conditions as no heating was available.

Schmolz & Bickenbach UK Ltd Warehouse Floor After Shot Blasting 4 Schmolz & Birkenbach Uk Ltd Warehouse Floor before Shot Blasting
Schmolz & Bickenbach UK Ltd Warehouse Floor Final Cure  Schmolz & Bickenbach UK Ltd Warehouse Floor After Applying Vuba Ultra Coat



Carpets and Flooring for Internal Offices

For phase 2 we had to remove all existing carpet and vinyl flooring, prepare and make good substrate and supply and fit new carpet tiles to office areas and new safety vinyl flooring to the toilets, kitchen and tea point areas. The products used were Desso Essence carpet tiles in one colour, Altro Walkway 20 and Altro Expresslay for the ground floor vinyl areas after fully preparing the substrate with self levelling compound.

All works completed within the time period allocated.

 Schmolz & Birkenbach Uk Ltd Phase 2 Office Carpets before  Schmolz & Bickenbach UK Ltd Warehouse Floor 036
 Schmolz & Birkenbach Uk Ltd Phase 2 Flooring before  Schmolz & Bickenbach UK Ltd Phase 2 Vinyl Flooring




Botanic Mayfair Properties, London

Wood Floor Restoration

A private residential apartment with 150m² solid parquet wood floor that covered a living open plan area, kitchen breakfast room, open plan staircase, landing and corridor. There are three bedrooms with the same flooring to be phased in later.

The floor had some gaps and repair work was needed to the kitchen adjoining the living space where a fridge had leaked causing some expansion and contraction. This was repaired after sanding with filler mixed with the clean sawdust from the final sand. All the floor areas were machine sanded back to bare wood, filler and repairs carried out with a final sanding and cleaning. The products used were Bona Prime Classic (primer coat) then three coats of Bona Traffic HD in satin matt finish.

All works completed in time frame during weekends and weekdays.


Kingsbury Court Surgery, Dunstable

Flooring Upgrade Following Water Damage

This is an existing client where we maintain the carpets and flooring for a doctor’s surgery. They had suffered a flood that contaminated the ground floor and via insurance we were awarded the contract to replace the carpet tiles with wood effect vinyl throughout including the staircase with new stair nosing.

The carpet tiles and old stair edging were removed for disposal to allow the substrate to dry out. Once dry we then applied a full late screed throughout and supplied and fitted the new vinyl Polyflor Forest FX and Genesis stair nosing. All completed over three weekends starting with the surgery rooms, then reception, corridor and stairs. New dirt barrier matting was also supplied for the entrance foyer.

Kingsbury Court Surgery Consultant Rm 2 after uplift


Kingsbury Court Surgery Constlant Rm 2 after fitting Kingsbury Court Surgery Grd Floor Corridor from back stairs
Kingsbury Court Surgery Grd Waiting Area after fitting Kingsbury Court Surgery Staircase after fitting
Kingsbury Court Surgery Staircase after Fitting 1  



James Hopkins Trust, Gloucester Childrens Hospice

We provided a bespoke vinyl flooring solution and design to meet a restricted budget for this trust, funded by various charities and fund raising. Acoustic vinyl in bright vibrant colours replaced the old carpet tiles and looked most effective. We came up with various design options and sourced a bespoke cutting service to make specific templates for the vinyl. The job was completed within the agreed timescale of 5-7 days.

james-hopkins-trust-gloucester-flooring-018 james-hopkins-trust-gloucester-flooring-002
          james-hopkins-trust-gloucester-flooring-001           james-hopkins-trust-gloucester-inner-hall
          image3           image2



Curious Explorers Nursery Fleet & Farnham, Hampshire

Carpets and Flooring for Children’s Day Nursery

We have completed two sites, one in Farnham and one in Fleet. Both sites have had inherent building issues. The brief was to remove the old carpets and vinyl flooring and provide a practical low maintenance option using warm inviting colours suitable for this type of working environment.

For the nursery day rooms at Farnham we provided JHS Universal Lite impervious carpet in cobalt blue and Forbo Eternal Original wood effect in traditional oak. The communal areas had wood effect vinyl. All rooms on one level and due to the poor substrate, we had to use an isolator membrane and prepare as necessary to achieve the best finish.

The same products were used for the nursery in Fleet working with different substrates. For the wood floor substrates where carpet was being laid we used a Cloud 9 Contract double stick underlay system with the carpet. This site had ground floor and first floor areas as well as external portable units.


Curious Explorers Fleet Day Room 2 Wood Effect Vinyl from kitchen Curious Explorers Fleet Day Room Wood Effect Vinyl
Curious Explorers Fleet Play Room Carpets Curious Explorers Fleet Staircase Carpets 2



Salfords Village Hall, Redhill

This Granwood floor restoration was an insurance claim partly funded by the local council. It was a very challenging job as we had to rectify and repair water damage. We uplifted the damaged area of floor, removed the blocks and allowed to dry out. We removed approximately 10mm of cement screed from the original base and leveled off.  We then applied liquid damp proof membrane together with 8-10mm of Arditex NA self-leveling compound. Once cured, we supplied and fitted new Granwood blocks to match the existing floor. Once filled, the repaired part of the floor was  sanded to meet the same level as the rest of the hall. The entire floor was then fully sanded to achieve a uniform finish and three coats of Granguard seal were applied. Badminton court markings were painted on and finally another four coats of Granguard seal were applied. We removed the old matwell barrier matting and replaced with a new system together with new door trims. The work took place over a period of two weeks and was completed within the given timescale. We followed up with advice on post installation care and products for in-house cleaning.

salfords-village-hall-redhill-granwood-floor-065 salfords-village-hall-redhill-granwood-floor-060
salfords-village-hall-redhill-granwood-floor-035 salfords-village-hall-redhill-granwood-floor-001